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Please note that the technologies presented here (for example water memory, bio-resonance etc.) do not necessarily conform to the mainstream scientific doctrine.  This includes the frontier concepts of ‘information's’ and ‘pathogenic information's’ of which the bulk of the establishment is yet to understand or confirm.  memon technology is not intended to act as a medical instrument or healing device, nor a substitute for a nutrient rich, organic and healthy diet and lifestyle.

* Please note that the testimonials presented here are done so purely as an ‘experience from the point of view of others’ to share in their own unedited words, as asked for by a multitude of visitors.  They are not intended to be, or to be confused with; a description of the working of memon devices, imply validation, or results, of the working function and action of memonizer technology, a demonstration/validation/confirmation of the possible existence of harmful informational effects from electromagnetic waves or in water and their remedy by memonizer devices in anyway.

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After its long development period, memon technology began its retail production in 2001. Since this time, memon products are now used by more than 60,000 clients all over the world.  

The people that use and benefit from this technology include; industry and agriculture, professional sports associations/athletes and clinics as well as hotels and, most specifically, everyone generally who wishes to create a natural living environment and use modern technology with complete peace of mind.

With an expected working life of up to 20 years, memon technology  provides long lasting effectiveness for everyone.   

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memon instruments are a completely novel and cutting edge, German developed, technology. The culmination of over three decades of intensive research and development.

This technology is available as an extensive range of products, designed to harmonize every aspect of your life. This includes day to day technology, such as mobile phones, iPads and computers through to your entire home/building or office space as well as water and food, to name but a few examples.  

The live blood cell video above gives a contrasting, and solid, example of the before and after effects of using memon technology in modern appliances like a mobile phone

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As the official memon UK partner, our group includes, among other areas, PhD research and backgrounds in physics, mathematics and electromagnetic fields from leading universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Our philosophy and approach is that living in harmony and well being are fundamentally important, as well as a freedom to choose for everyone, especially in a modern age when we are exposed to a plethora of conditions and agents that are often counter to healthy living.

We provide consultation, recommendation and support in using the memon technology, as well as this subject as a whole, for everyone who chooses to look for a better way of living in today's world.

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“…Using therapeutic-medicinal methods, it would be extremely difficult to bring about such enormous changes within so short a time.  Thus in my opinion, a tremendous effect on health can be attributed to the memonizer technology, which I personally would not have expected.  During the whole of my practical work up to the present using a dark field microscope, I have never come across such clear and positive results.” Andreas Gerzen, Institue For Analytical Medicine (after analysing the results from a live study).

About Us… The Technology

Before test

Blood cells after a 15 minute phone call

…after the same time with memon technology

 “memon technology has the ability to stabilize and promote life processes as well as to protect living systems from strains and dangers of biologically harmful impacts, a real future technology.”

- Prof. Arnim Bechmann

 Mathematician & physician (University of Goettingen, TU Hannover, TU Berlin)

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